About PTWM

Being your own webmaster shouldn't be a full time job. My mission is to give you the resources to confidently manage your own websites and know where to get help when you need it.

Site facts

  • This site is built on the Ghost blogging platform. (NodeJS/MySQL)
  • Most images you see come from Unsplash.
  • This site is hosted on a Digital Ocean $5/mo droplet.
  • The site is protected and accelerated by CloudFlare CDN and WAF functionality.
  • I don't run third party anaytlics or advertising software.
  • The site currently costs me about $72 per year in direct costs. Time is another matter.
  • Guest content will be signified by the author information at the bottom of each post.
  • Thoughts, advice, suggestions, and all other content are my own (or the authors) and does not reflect the authors or my employer, or our clients.

Contributors welcome

While you can comment at the bottom of most articles, those wishing to contribute in a bigger way can email me to discuss edits or being a guest author.