How to get help

Need help? Chances are that you aren't the first to run into your specific issue. Try these resources for help with your website:

1. Ask your host

Your host may not be able to help with everything, but questions regarding the use of their service and usually best directed at them. In addition to their support departments, look for their knowledgebase, blog, forums, or announcements.

2. Ask your domain registrar

Questions about the registration, renewal, or management of your domain name should probably be sent to whomever you registered the domain with.

3. Google it

Person using laptop computer and Google search engine

The first thing I do with a new error message is copy/paste it into a search engine. Far more often than not, someone else had the same problem and already found the solution. So while this is a bit of a cop out, don't forget that you can ask any question and usually get very helpful results.

4. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange is a network of question and answer communities where each specialize in a specific topic. You can ask, answer, and find a huge backlog of useful answers related to all kinds of topics. Don't forget to search each community before posting new questions. Some communities don't like to see duplicate questions where a good answer already exists.

Useful communities:

5. WebHostingTalk

WebHostingTalk is a forum dedicated to discussing web hosting and related topics. It's been around for years and a large group of regular users are usually happy to give advice. Search through their site or register an account to ask a question.

6. Email Me

I do my best to help out when I can and when I have time. I can't promise a useful or timely response to every question, but feel free to email me if you need help: [email protected]