Webmaster dictionary

The Webmaster Dictionary: A list of terms, acronyms, and companies that most webmasters should, or want to, know about. Covers Apache to WordPress.

This page is a work in progrss. More terms and definitions coming soon.

A Terms

  • Amazon S3 - Amazon Simple Storage Service. Object storage built to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere.
  • Apache - The Apache web server software
  • AWS - Amazon Web Services

B Terms

  • Bandwidth - For shared hosting: typically refers to the total amount of transfer allowed per month.

C Terms

  • Cloud - Marketing jargon. For most companies, this means something slightly different than every other company. Be sure to ask any "Cloud" provider what they mean when using the term "Cloud."
  • Cloud Hosting - Typically refers to virtualized, scalable, and fault tolerant hosting... but not always.
  • CloudFlare - A company specializing in enhancing website performance, security, and reliability. Offers DNS, CDN, WAF, DDoS Protection, and much more.
  • cPanel - A commonly provided control panel for linux hosts offering PHP and some other languages. Includes tools for Mail accounts, databases, file management, website management, DNS, and much more. Related to WHM.
  • CPU - In hosting: typically refers to the amount of CPU resources allocated to your account or virtual server. Actual performance varies based on many factors, so one company offering one core of CPU may actually be more than another company offering two.
  • CSR - Certificate Signing Request. Generated using an SSL key and used to request an actual SSL certificate from a certificate authority.

D Terms

  • DB - Database. Typically MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  • DDoS - Distributed denial of service attack. Many computers are used to overwhelm the resources of a target system, typically to disrupt or take a website offline.
  • Dedicated Server - Leased server hardware dedicated soley to your account. May be managed or unmanaged.
  • Digital Ocean[1] - A cloud computing company offering a range of VPS and related services.
  • Disk space - Typically refers to the amount of disk space allocated to your account or server. Bad things can happen when your disk is 100% used.
  • DNS - Domain name system. Think of it like a phone book for the internet. Converts the domain name you type into the IP address your computer should connect too.
  • Document Root - The directory your web server is configured to server files for a specific domain or virtual host.
  • Droplet - Marketing term used by Digital Ocean to describe their VPS product.
  • Dynamic page - Unlike static pages, which do not change after being uploaded to the web server, dynamic pages make use of backend languages and databases, such as PHP and MySQL respectively, to construct a response to be sent to the client instead of sending their own source code. Examples include WordPress and most PHP scripts.

E Terms

  • Entry Processes - A term used by CloudLinux to describe the current number or website processes or the maximum number of website process you can have.

F Terms

  • Firewall - An server wide backend service designed to block malicious connections to a server. Firewalls are often updated automaticall in response to password guessing or other signs of malicious traffic.

G Terms

  • Ghost - An open source publishing platform built with NodeJS and MySQL.
  • Git - Version control software used to record changes to files. Commonly used in software development.
  • Github - Hosted git services and tools. The source code for many common scripts and software projects are hosted, worked on, and distributed here.

H Terms

  • Heroku
  • HTTP
  • httpd.conf - Main configuration file for the Apache web server

I Terms

  • IMAP
  • IP Address

J Terms

  • (None yet)

K Terms

  • (None yet)

L Terms

  • Let's Encrypt

M Terms

  • MariaDB
  • Managed server
  • Memcache
  • MongoDB
  • MX Record - DNS record related to incoming email. See our primer on MX records.
  • MySQL

N Terms

  • Nginx
  • NodeJS

O Terms

  • (None yet)

P Terms

  • Passenger
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • php.ini
  • POP3
  • PostgreSQL
  • Premium Hosting
  • Python

Q Terms

  • (None yet)

R Terms

  • Railgun
  • Rails
  • RAM
  • Redis
  • Registrar
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Ruby

S Terms

  • Serverless
  • Shared Hosting
  • SMTP
  • SSD
  • SSL
  • SSL Certificate
  • SSL Certificate Key
  • Static page
  • Storage

T Terms

  • TLD
  • TLS
  • Transfer - See bandwidth.

U Terms

  • URL

V Terms

  • Virtual Host
  • VPS

W Terms

  • WHM
  • WHT (Web Hosting Talk) - A forum for discussing all things related to web hosting.
  • WordPress

X Terms

  • (None yet)

Y Terms

  • (None yet)

Z Terms

  • (None yet)

Other Terms

  • .htaccess

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